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Black Tie Sounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be the DJ at our wedding, or do you send someone else?
I will be the DJ/MC at your event unless I am dead, in the hospital, or an act of God has kept me.  In the case that I am unable to make your wedding, I work with a number of very talented DJ's in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that are on standby to find a suitable replacement.

May we meet with our DJ in person before we sign a contract?
I prefer to meet with all of my potential clients first to determine whether I would be a good fit for the event.

How many events do you perform in a day?
I only accept one event per day, ensuring that you are the one and only priority.

Have you played at my venue before?
Since there are hundreds of venues in Dallas, I probably haven't played at them all; however, I do schedule a site visit normally to see the conditions and area that will need to be covered with sound in advance.

Will you make all of the announcements at the reception?
Yes, I will act as the DJ an Master of Ceremonies at the wedding.

How would you define your "style" when making announcements?
I make only the necessary announcements, and I let the music control the night.  All events of the night will be announced ahead of time to make sure that your guests are fully aware of the upcoming festivities.

Can we view you at another performance?
I don't invite potential clients to other people's weddings; however, I am happy to give you the names and numbers of the last several couples who hired me (with their permission, of course). You may also view my WeddingWire and Knot reviews. 

How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?
You may pick as much or as little of the music as you would like. I typically like to know what you really would like to hear, and what you really would like to not hear.  I can "read" the crowd based on their participation.

Do you take requests from our guests?
If you are okay with me playing requests, yes. I do use judgement, though, and will not play anything I deem to be inappropriate.  An online guest request link may be provided ahead of time if you would like to pre-approve guest requests.

How many songs do you have?
I carry over 180,000 songs on my hard drives to my events.  Most are duplicate and alternate version copies, and the music is updated every month to make sure that most of the current and older hits are available.

Can we submit a “Do Not Play” list?
Absolutely! Music on your "Do Not Play" list will not be played at your wedding unless you (the client) personally "OK" the song on the day of the wedding.

When do you arrive to set up for our wedding?
Depending on how much equipment is needed, I prefer to arrive 3 hours ahead of time.  More time might be needed for lighting, monograms, etc.

What will you wear to our wedding?
I wear comfortable clothes to setup in, but I will change into a suit and a tie for the ceremony and reception. 

How much would you charge for overtime?
Events include up to 5 hours of entertainment.  There is no fee for setup and teardown, and it is not included in the 5 hours of entertainment.  Overtime rates vary per day and time of year.

Do you require a meal?
I very rarely eat at an event.  I have found that food makes me tired, and I prefer to stay energized and alert for the event.  Thank you for the offer!

Are you insured?
Yes, I carry a general liability insurance policy, and I can add your venue to my policy as an "additionally insured" if they require it.

Do you consume alcohol during the wedding?
Absolutely not!
Do you have wireless microphones?
Yes, I have at least one wireless mic available at all times during the reception, and I can provide more if requested.  I also have a wired microphone on standby for any emergency needs.

Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?
No signage is set up at events, and no business cards will be set out.  I am happy to give someone a business card, but only if requested.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?
No matter what any DJ tells you, we cannot make people dance.  There are a few tips that I suggest:
1.  As the host of the event, your guests will want to spend time with you.  If you are on the dance floor, then your guests are more likely to join you.
2.  Try to keep the ambient light minimal over the dance floor.  If it is too bright, then the guests will feel like they are on stage and in the spotlight, so they might be a little shy to dance.
3.  Try to keep the dance floor on the smaller side.  If you have a very large dance floor, then most of your guests will feel that they are the only ones dancing and typically shy away.  I suggest 1 1/2 square feet per person at your reception.  If you have 150 guests, then I would recommend a 15x15 foot dance floor.