I absolutely love my job, and I enjoy every aspect of being a wedding DJ/MC.  In my job, I get to work from home all week and spend time with my family.  Then on the weekends, I ge to provide an exciting atmosphere for people to have a great time and dance.  Most people dream of a job like this.....I get to live it everyday!

!The Career...

A little about my career:

* I started my DJ career in 1994 in College Station, Texas in Northgate.

* I have over 10 years of experience as a DJ and Master of Ceremonies.

* I have performed at over 400+ weddings as a DJ and Master of Ceremonies.

* I served as the office manager and DJ for one of the largest DJ/MC companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for      2 1/2 years.

* I attend DJ/MC conventions and workshops yearly to keep up with the current and future trends of the wedding industry.

* I was the Entertainment Category Winner and Overall Winner of TLC's "Four Weddings" TV show.  You can             watch the episode here:  Season 10 Episode 1 "...And A Texas Showdown" 

Professional Wedding DJ/MC For The Dallas & Fort Worth Area | blacktiesounds@gmail.com | 214-729-5644 (please leave a message)

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